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2018 - 2020 | Houston Kid's Art Workshops
Founded Non-Profit 

During school breaks, I design, plan, and coordinate kids’ art classes for children ages 7-14 at the Sugar Land Art Center, from buying supplies, renting venues, to planning curriculum. I teach children painting & drawing techniques to help improve their art skills and create new projects to reflect their passion for art. These proceeds are donated to the Texas Children's Hospital: Periwinkle Arts in Medicine Program, and to date, I have raised more than $2000. Over Covid-19, I have begun teaching private art lessons and selling canvas prints to raise more money for this cause. 

2018 - 2019 | Texas Children's Hospital
Guest Artist & Summer Junior Volunteer
Hosting art activities for in/outpatients
(On right is Ms. Carol Herron, director of the TCH Art Program) 

Witnessing art provide children with a stress-relieving outlet enhancing their treatment, I worked as a guest artist at the Texas Children's Hospital. I conducted and planned art workshops, highlighting simple crafts, holiday projects, and drawings, to raise spirits and an appreciation for art for outpatients in the cancer clinic. Continuing through the summer, I served as a Summer Junior Volunteer for the Arts in Medicine program, working with over 150 cancer and blood disorder in and outpatients.

2017- 2019 | Sugar Land Art Center
Art Teacher

Hoping to work with even younger children, at the Sugar Land Art Center & Gallery, I helped conduct art classes for children 3-7, teaching diverse painting, drawing, and craft skills. Art allows these children to unleash their creativity and improve their fine motor skills.

2016- 2019 | Rita Drabek Elementary Art Club 
rita drabek art club.jpg

Returning to my elementary school, where my love for art first originated, I ran weekly Art Club meetings. I assisted my elementary school art teacher with tutoring 4th-5th grade students to improve their art skills in a variety of mediums, provided guidance for national and international art competitions and advice on pursuing art in middle school.

Finished Products
March & December painting & drawing classes

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