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MediaScience Internship

UX Designer & Visual Designer | January 2021 - January 2022


  • Analyze case studies in neuromarketing research for partnerships with corporations including Google, Hulu, Comcast, and more. Translate 50+ text case study reports into distributable one-pagers and infographics for research clients.

  • Develop wireframes and ideate on mobile/pc dashboards and website assets for research proposals for potential clients.

  • Design/ redesign business cards, icons, infographics, and pitch decks to represent the brand's vision of transparency and efficiency.

These projects have been critically integrated into the MediaScience Website


  • Primary In-House Designer

  • Present work at weekly meetings with the SVP, appreciating feedback for my designs from a business development perspective

  • Direct communication with CEO, receiving time-sensitive projects



Adobe Illustrator
User Research
User Testing
Frame 202.png
Case Studies Gallery

UX Project 1: Case Studies Gallery 
8 Month Project | Clients: ESPN, Comcast, Google, Hulu, TikTok 


Problem Space

How can I increase engagement for the MediaScience brand and encourage potential research clients to explore the website?

Analyzing the current website design for redesign and improvement, I noticed that MediaScience has impressive research studies with large corporations including Google and TikTok, yet new viewers and potential clients hardly read the reports since they're 2-3 pages of text abruptly placed on the website.


I initiated the concept of converting these long-winded case reports into distributable and easy-to-understand one-pagers to display on their website. I then prototyped a new website dashboard concept to create an interactive case study gallery in Figma and am working on implementing it with HTML/CSS. 

Project Overview

8 Month Project

Translated 50+ case studies with 8+ iterations of each study including horizontal and vertical explorations; 

Created robust wireframes to categorize important information (working on information architecture);

Developed mockups and prototypes of the case study gallery dashboard; Drew iconography for the reports

Website Integration

Every case study is downloadable on the MediaScience website and emailed to potential research clients

Final Gallery Prototype

Interactive Figma Dashboard Prototype 

Case study gallery prototype where new viewers to the website can browse past research quickly and efficiently; Each case study refers to a 1 page graphic summarizing the research study. 

vertical figma.PNG
Group 4236.png

Developing Individual Case Studies

Converting 50+ 2-3 page text research reports for various clients into easily understandable 1-page graphics on Figma with self-drawn iconography

Hulu Case Study

Experimented with a variety of concepts and iconography aligning with the MediaScience branding (i.e. mind map concept: bottom right)

Created vertical (page format) iterations as well as horizontal iterations for multiple use cases such as distributed via email, displayed on websites, and included in proposal pitch decks

Wireframed information placement and created different categories of text for viewers to easily understand sections 

Click to open PDF



Horizontal Iterations

Horizontal Iterations

6 Vertical Iterations

Vertical Iterations

Mars Case Study

Meeting with the SVP twice a week to discuss iterations, we settled on a horizontal case study format for convenient distribution and integration into pitch decks. We also decided on boxes to easily emphasize different sections and extract components of different studies if needed in the future.

Click to open PDF



8 Vertical Iterations

Frame 116.png

Final Horizontal Iterations

Effectv (Comcast) & Google Case Studies

Experimented with dark and light themes as well as branding according to client company (drew gradient icons for some of the iterations). Click to open PDF

MediaScience Effectv Case Study-1 2.png
MediaScience Google Case Study-1 2.png
Frame 111.png
Frame 110.png
Final Frame (1).png

TikTok Case Studies

Series of 2 studies. Condensed and categorized information into a set of uniform boxes and incorporated TikTok and MediaScience branding. Also explored several full one-page iterations without separations

Other Case Studies

Other Clients: Think Premium Digital, ESPN, ABC, Jared, Good Morning America (several others not featured for confidentiality reasons) 


The case study graphics I created for MediaScience's research have been critically integrated into their website. Viewers must sign up for their mailing list to download a pdf version of the study. This translation of research showed improved engagement with the case studies on their website and increased the number of people that subscribed to their email list, improving MediaScience's viewership and brand credibility. Prototypes for the gallery are in the process of being implemented. 

New MediaScience Website

Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 11.38_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 11.38_edited.jpg

To emphasize their high profile clientele, the home screen was changed to include a grid of clients, where clicking on a name would navigate to that particular study. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 11.38_edited.jpg

Under the page for each study, my one page graphic can be downloaded after a viewer subscribes. 


While developing these studies, I grasped the importance of condensing information, only translating the main points of every study and information architecture: how displaying information in categories with iconography makes it substantially easier for new viewers to understand content. I also learned how to maintain the MediaScience brand while also incorporating elements of their research clients. 

Simultaneously, working closely with the SVP during weekly meetings allowed me to deep dive into the actual research for each study and learn advertising and research concepts such as the halo effect, limited ad exposure effects on brand recall and recognition, and the impact of premium ad content. 

Working in cross-functional teams as the only in-house designer, with the CEO and the brand development team taught me to appreciate the input of non-designers on my work from a business/ marketing and front-end engineering standpoint. 

UX Project 2: NBA Dashboard
1-2 Week Project | External Clients: NBA

Group 2985.png
Group 2946.png

Project Overview

As a proposal to a new research client, I redesigned a mobile dashboard concept, creating dark and light-themed iterations to portray a more modern dynamic style. I also redesigned visual elements for easier use such as creating intuitive components including sidebars, buttons, and dropdown menus to represent filters instead of pillboxes.

Project Impact

After pitching my proposal prototype, Mediascience acquired a new major research client. 

Original Design

Before requesting I redesign the dashboard experience, the CEO created the original design below using Keynote.

Group 2961.png

Remaking Dashboard Components

I began with remaking components including a side panel with minimizeable capabilities, search features, and a card format.

Frame 144.png

Final Redesign & Interactive Prototype

(Company content censored for confidentiality purposes)

dashboard figma.PNG
Untitled design (2) 1.png
Group 3028.png

Project 3: Process & Product Infographics
3 Week Project 

Project Overview

Since the MediaScience Research process can be confusing at first sight, after interviewing and conducting several meetings with MediaScience leadership, I developed a detailed 2-page infographic that breaks down the process into 6 main steps.

Design Requirements: Purple heavy focus and large use of iconography


Working with the brand integration and development team, this process is displayed on the MediaScience website using HTML/ CSS and the flyer/ pitch deck formats are sent to potential research clients.